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Updated: Oct, 17 2023 02:14 pm

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Krishna Status Videos 2022

About Shree Krishna

Krishna is the man of management. It makes rules and teaches breaking the same rules. It cultivates endurance and even a single wound can tear it to pieces. It is said that Gandhiji was a priest of non-violence, but Krishna was ahead of Gandhiji in this matter. Gandhiji said that if someone hits you on one cheek, then move the other cheek forward. Krishna said that if no one gives a hundred sieves, listen, but not a hundred sieves. They do not move forward on the path of war until the edge of the needle is refused. He is the best worshiper of non-violence, but not a slave to non-violence. He knows when to end non-violence and when to start violence. If Gandhiji had known about this, India would not have been divided.

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Purna Purushottam Krishna

Stealing is a crime, but he stole butter. They were called butter thieves. Leaving the desert is a great disgrace to the warriors, but they left the desert. They are called desert trees. Krishna is intuitive and therefore not understood. It wins our perception. It is an experience and therefore cannot be described. He continued to fulfill the imperfections of others and was therefore called a perfect man. Krishna is a thrill. There is a desire.

Samdrashta Krishna

Krishna's big plus point is acceptance. Everyone accepts them as they are. They do not try to blunt the edge of Draupadi. That doesn't stop Draupadi from saying, 'The son of a blind man is blind.' Don't try to make Radha a calculator. Kunti has a dilemma when I go to Karna, Krishna goes with her. It widens Kunti's son's love. Karna's mother is also accepted. It does not make Kunti selfish.

Krishna Status Download

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